Girl Beat Up a Guy 6

Girl beat up a guy for touching her boob. She completely dominates him and later her friends join her as well.

Girl Dominates Guy 5

Girl Dominates a Guy who was bullying innocent people in the park. She chokes him and controls him.

Girl Fight Humiliation – Face Sitting

Girl gets mounted in a fight and got her ass beat. She has to deal with the humiliation.

Girl Fight Humiliation

Girl face complete humiliation in front of her school. She realized that she took a wrong fight.

One Sided Girl Fight 3

Girl messed with a wrong girl in a fight. She got most one sided beatdown of all time.

One Sided Girl Fight 2

Girl got completely dominated in one sided fight. She learned a lesson for talking shit.

UFC Girl VS Guy

UFC star Julianna Pena beat up a guy in practice. She unleashing ground and pound on a guy. UFC girl beat up Guy.

Hot Girl Beat Up A Fat Girl

Hot Girl Beat Up A Fat Girl after fat girl jumps her. She was almost dominated but came back very strong.

White Girl Beat Up Black Girl 9

White Girl Beat Up Black Girl in a fight after the school. Black girl was way taller but still lost the fight.

Girl Fight BeatDown 5

Poor girl started fight with a wrong girl in class. She got her well deserved beatdown.
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