Brutal Headscissors

Honey put this guy in brutal headscissors and he almost passed out. The owner of the video is Philly Fendom

Small Girl Beat Up A Big Girl 5

Small Girl Settles Her Beef With a Big Girl. Totally Dominated Her

Grappling Headscissors

Girl traps another girl between headscissors and later tap her out to RNC

Reverse Triangle – Girl Beats 2 Guys

Muscular Girl Traps Guy Between Reverse Triangle Then Makes Him Tap Out With Toe Hold

Figure Four headscissors chokeout

VANESSA DEMOPOULOS triangle chokes Sam Hughes

Headscissors Beatdown

Fat girl starts a fight with skinny girl who traps her between her legs and delivers beatdown.

Girlfriend Headscissors

Girlfriend asks boyfriend to escape while she t Squeeze his head.
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