One Sided Beatdown 3

Dominant girl confronts her snitching friend and slaps her friend too. Girl got one sided beatdown.

Male Vs Female Wrestling

Male vs female mud wrestling where woman dominates a man, mounts him and makes him her bitch.

Male vs female street fight

Male vs female street fight – Girl completely dominates a guy in a street fight and shows him the meaning of female domination.

Girl fight humiliation

Two girls fighting one mount the other one and turn it into one sided fight. Loser had to face humiliation.

After school girl fight – Girl got kicked in the face

After school girl fight – Girl got kicked in the face.

Girl fight sparta kick

2 groups of girls fighting. One girl gets beat up and then sparta kicked.

Male vs Female – Woman Choking Out Men Compilation

Male vs Female – Compilation of girls and women choking out men in competitive and non competitive fights.

Amanda Fucked Her Up – One sided girlfight

One sided girlfight – Two girls fight on street to settle their beef. Girl named Amanda fucked up her opponent as her friend wanted her to do.

Female street fight beatdown

Girl fights a girl way bigger then her in a street fight and gets completely destroyed. She got beat up so bad that she didn’t want another round.

One sided Girl Fight Beatdown

Girl Fight Beatdown in Washroom – Girl with some style in her clothing beat up her opponent in one sided girl fight beatdown.
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