Messed with wrong girl

A girl went to another girl’s house to have a fight. Only in seconds she realized that she messed with wrong girl. One of the best girl fights out there.

Girl Fight Beatdown 4

A girl picked up a fight with a wrong girl after school. She got her well deserved beatdown.

Hot Girl Chokes Out A Guy 2

Hot Girl Chokes Out A Cocky Guy who was claiming to have 20 amateur MMA Fights. Then Treats him like a baby.

Girl Fight Beatdown 7

Small Girl delivers a beatdown on a big girl. Two white girls fight and small girl beat up big girl in one sided beatdown

Girl fight humiliation

Two girls fighting one mount the other one and turn it into one sided fight. Loser had to face humiliation.

Scissors Choke Jiujitsu

Girl survives brutal headscissors in a Jiujitsu match. It looked like girl had no chance of surviving that but she did.
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