Headscissors in Jeans

Girl in Jeans with big thighs headscissors a guy . Guy taps out quickly as he couldn’t handle her strong legs

Girl Fight Humiliation

Girl face complete humiliation in front of her school. She realized that she took a wrong fight.

Reverse Triangle – Girl Beats 2 Guys

Muscular Girl Traps Guy Between Reverse Triangle Then Makes Him Tap Out With Toe Hold

Intergender Fight – Woman Beat Up a Man

Intergender Fight – Woman Beat Up a Man. Girl slams a Guy And Beat Him Up. Seems like they were having some family feud in their.

Trained woman taps out a man

Small trained Woman taps out a big man in a friendly fight

Choked Out In Jiujitsu

Girl chokes out another girl in a BJJ match. Girl was losing at the start then came back and choked out other girl.
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