After school girl fight – Girl got kicked in the face

After school girl fight – Girl got kicked in the face.

Amanda Fucked Her Up – One sided girlfight

One sided girlfight – Two girls fight on street to settle their beef. Girl named Amanda fucked up her opponent as her friend wanted her to do.

Army Girl taps out a guy

Army Girl taps out a guy in a friendly Jiujitsu Match. Guy underestimated girls strength and technique, she beat him in both departments.

Asian Girl Headscissors

Asian girl taps out another girl with big thighs and makes her tap out quickly. One of the best Jiujitsu headscissors.

Best Girl Fights – One Sided Beatdown

Two girls fight in Australia when one delivers a complete one sided beatdown and destroys her opponent. For more best girl fights videos join

BJJ Girl Taps Out A Big Guy

Small BJJ Girl rolls with a Big Guy. Even though he had strength and size advantage. He started by slamming him but she ended up taping him out.

BJJ Headscissors 13

Hot Girl wins by Headscissor. Kayla De Leon Headscissors Kristine Heines a wins by submission quick.

Black Girl vs White Girl Fight

White Girl Fights black girl in the washroom. Black girl dominates the fight at the start but then white girl makes a comeback and puts a beatdown on her.
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