Forced to kiss feet

Forced to kiss feet

Bully forced the poor girl to kiss her feet. She started with spitting on her then slapped her and finally dragged her to the ground and made her apologize on her knees. Some people who are into foot domination really liked the video even though the video makes me sick.
Brutal Beatdown

Brutal Beatdown in a girl fight

Brutal Beatdown – Latina drags a white girl from her car and unleashes one sided beatdown on her for sleeping with her boyfriend. She slaps her, punches her and stomps her. She even calls her boyfriend while beating her up. Do you think this is right?
Facesitting in girl fight

Facesitting in Girl Fight

Facesitting in Girl Fight – Two girls fighting and a beautiful girl with big ass takes the other girl down. The she turned the fight it into face sitting domination.
Woman chokes out a man

Woman chokes out a man

Woman chokes out a man – A guy disrespected a girl and she chokes him on the road. He was so helpless that he couldn’t even move an inch.
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