Small Girl Beat Up Big Girl 4

Small Girl confronts big girl for talking shit and then beat up in a one sided fight.

Girl tap out a guy with bodyscissors

A girl wrestles a guy and completely dominates him. At the end she taps him out with bodyscissors.

Small Girl Beat Up Big Girl 7

Small girl talks shit to big girl and I thought she would be all talk no action. But she proved me wrong and beat the shit out of big girl.

Small girl fights a bigger girl and wins

Small girl fights a bigger opponent but still delivers an amazing beatdown. Other Girl had no chance.

Street Fight Headscissors

Two black girls were fighting and suddenly one girl traps the other one in a lethal headscissors. She had no place to go.

Girlfriend Headscissors Boyfriend 4

Girlfriend Headscissors Boyfriend – Girlfriend dominates boyfriend in a friendly fight. One of the best videos.
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