Female Wrestling23 Videos

Asian Girl Headscissors

Asian girl taps out another girl with big thighs and makes her tap out quickly. One of the best Jiujitsu headscissors.

Reverse Headscissors in Jiujitsu

White girl Headscissors Black girl in a Jiujitsu match. The girl is trapped between strong reverse headscissors of the white girl.

Choked out in MMA fight

Girl gets choked out in a MMA fight and then starts celebrating after waking up. This is one of the best choked out video ever.

Choked Out In Jiujitsu

Girl chokes out another girl in a BJJ match. Girl was losing at the start then came back and choked out other girl.

Headscissors at home

Girl headscissors her cousin in a friendly fight at home
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