Girl Fights102 Videos

Girl Fight Beatdown 4

A girl picked up a fight with a wrong girl after school. She got her well deserved beatdown.

Girl fight sparta kick

2 groups of girls fighting. One girl gets beat up and then sparta kicked.

One sided girl fight 4

Girl fight turned into one sided domination. Strong girl sits on weak girls face.

Girl got beat up in a for fighting over dick

Girl pulls up on her 9 year old friend and started a fight with her over a guy. Other girl is complete gangster and put her on the ground and between a choke. She humiliates her by saying “You fight me over dick?” and ask her friend to get her off of her.

Small Girl Beat Up Big Girl 7

Small white girl completely dominates big black girl in a fight and beat her up.

Headscissors in street fight

Headscissors in street fight – Two girls fight one another and one traps another one in Headscissors.
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