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Asian Girl Headscissors

Asian girl taps out another girl with big thighs and makes her tap out quickly. One of the best Jiujitsu headscissors.

BJJ Headscissors 13

Hot Girl wins by Headscissor. Kayla De Leon Headscissors Kristine Heines a wins by submission quick.

Brutal Headscissors

Girl taps out another girl with brutal headscissors. Girl was in agony due to those headscissors.

Brutal Headscissors

Honey put this guy in brutal headscissors and he almost passed out. The owner of the video is Philly Fendom

Choked Out By Headscissors

Girl pass out another girl in a BJJ match. She was losing until she pulled off a perfect Headscissors. Other girl gets Choked Out By Headscissors.

Female Wrestling Domination 2

Two cheerleaders wrestle for domination. One completely dominates the other and makes her tap out multiple times. Example of female wrestling domination.

Figure Four headscissors chokeout

VANESSA DEMOPOULOS triangle chokes Sam Hughes

Girl chokes a guy between her legs – Headscissors

Girl chokes a guy between her legs -Girl taps out a guy with headscissors. He was stuck in her muscular legs. She gave him a wedgie and makes him tap out.
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