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Headscissors at home

Girl headscissors her cousin in a friendly fight at home

Headscissors Tap Out 3

Girlfriend tap out her boyfriend with headscissors after a hard fought competitive mixed wrestling match. They switch between fighting on the couch and ground but he came out the winner.

Girl Headscissors Guy

Girl beats up a guy in a friendly fight. It was competitive at start but once she got him into headscissors it was all over.

Girl vs Guy Headscissors

Girl vs Guy Headscissors – Girl pins a guy to a couch and then finish him with headscissors. He had no choice but to tap.

Reverse Headscissors 2

Reverse Headscissors on a selfie Camera. She has such nice glutes.

Girlfriend Headscissors Boyfriend 3

Girlfriend headscissors boyfriend while doing a headscissor challenege for a YouTube Video and ended up choking him out

Female Wrestling Domination 2

Two cheerleaders wrestle for domination. One completely dominates the other and makes her tap out multiple times. Example of female wrestling domination.

Mackenzie Dern Scissors Choke

Mackenzie Dern submits a girl in BJJ with headscissors. Girl had no chance of escaping.
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