Humiliation46 Videos

Wife Beat Up Husband 3

Wife beat up her drunk and abusive husband. She knocks him down with just one slap.

One sided girl fight beatdown

Two girls fight to settle a beef between them. One of them beat the shit out of the other one and makes her quit. She sits on top of her and humiliates her while asking “are you done?”.

Girl Fight Domination

Girl fight turned into total domination. Girl traps one girl between her legs and forced her to apologize.

Girl Beat Up A Guy 9

Girl Beat Up A Guy who tried to harass her sister. She slaps and kicks the shit out of that molester.

Girl beat up a teammate after she challenged her to a fight

Girl Beat Up A Teammate after she talked shit about her. She was getting slapped around in the parking lot. One of the best Girl fight beatdowns I have seen.

White Girl Beat Up Black Girl 6

White Girl Beat Up Black Girl who was trying to bully her with size advantage. But got humbled very quickly.

Man Vs Woman Street Fight 2

Man Vs Woman Street Fight – Man was threatening to break a woman’s car she got behind him puts him in a rear naked choke and chokes him out.
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