Humiliation47 Videos

Bully humiliates poor girl to get on her knees and humiliates her

Girl asks poor girl to get on her knees and humiliates her. When she refused to get on her knees and beat her up.

One Sided Beatdown 3

Dominant girl confronts her snitching friend and slaps her friend too. Girl got one sided beatdown.

Hot Girl Chokes Out A Guy 2

Hot Girl Chokes Out A Cocky Guy who was claiming to have 20 amateur MMA Fights. Then Treats him like a baby.

Female street fight beatdown

Girl fights a girl way bigger then her in a street fight and gets completely destroyed. She got beat up so bad that she didn’t want another round.

One Sided Girl Fight 3

Girl messed with a wrong girl in a fight. She got most one sided beatdown of all time.

Girl Fight Domination 2

Two girls fight and one made the other one cry. Fight was close at start but got completely one sided at the end

Brutal Beatdown in a girl fight

Girl didn’t help her friend when she was getting jumped and got brutal beatdown delivered to her.
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