Male Vs Female – Mixed Wrestling Videos87 Videos

Male vs female submission grappling

Male vs female submission grappling match turned out to be completely one sided. Girl trips the guy takes him down and taps him out quickly.

Girl Taps Out A Guy 5

A guy challenged a hot girl at a party. She taps him out fairly quickly and slaps him ass while getting up.

Headscissors Tap Out 3

Girlfriend tap out her boyfriend with headscissors after a hard fought competitive mixed wrestling match. They switch between fighting on the couch and ground but he came out the winner.

Girl vs Boy Fight

Boy fights a girl in the street, but end up getting beat up by her. She left him crying.

Trained woman taps out a man

Small trained Woman taps out a big man in a friendly fight

Male Vs Female Wrestling

Male vs female mud wrestling where woman dominates a man, mounts him and makes him her bitch.
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