Girl Fight Domination 2

Two girls fight and one made the other one cry. Fight was close at start but got completely one sided at the end

Small girl fights a bigger girl and wins

Small girl fights a bigger opponent but still delivers an amazing beatdown. Other Girl had no chance.

Brutal Beatdown in a girl fight

Girl didn’t help her friend when she was getting jumped and got brutal beatdown delivered to her.

Girlfriend headscissors boyfriend

Chance Vs Kaylee – Girlfriend chokes boyfriend between her legs and make him tap out to headscissors

Girl got beat up in a for fighting over dick

Girl pulls up on her 9 year old friend and started a fight with her over a guy. Other girl is complete gangster and put her on the ground and between a choke. She humiliates her by saying “You fight me over dick?” and ask her friend to get her off of her.

Girl vs Boy Fight

Boy fights a girl in the street, but end up getting beat up by her. She left him crying.

Girl Fight Beatdown

Two girls fight in school. one girl delivers a beatdown.

Brutal chokeout in Female MMA Fight

Brutal chokeout in Female MMA Fight. Gillian Robertson chokes out Mariya Agapova with a brutal rear naked choke.

Girl beat her ass and ran away – Girl Fights

Two girls fight in the park and one beat others ass and then just ran aay

Black Girl vs White Girl Fight

White Girl Fights black girl in the washroom. Black girl dominates the fight at the start but then white girl makes a comeback and puts a beatdown on her.
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