One Sided Beatdown 3

Dominant girl confronts her snitching friend and slaps her friend too. Girl got one sided beatdown.

Male Vs Female Wrestling

Male vs female mud wrestling where woman dominates a man, mounts him and makes him her bitch.

Man Vs Woman MMA Street Fight

Woman Beat Up A Man In A Street MMA Fight. She Completely Dominates Him and Finish Him With Ground And Pound

Leg Scissors

Leg Scissors – Different Kind of Scissors where a girl has scissored another guy’s leg and not letting him move at all.

Woman Beat Up A Man

Man vs woman fight in USA somewhere. Woman Beat Up A Man in a street fight. He was left all embarrassed after that beatdown.

Girl Beat Up A Guy 9

Girl Beat Up A Guy who tried to harass her sister. She slaps and kicks the shit out of that molester.
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