Male Vs Female Wrestling

Male vs female mud wrestling where woman dominates a man, mounts him and makes him her bitch.

Man Vs Woman MMA Street Fight

Woman Beat Up A Man In A Street MMA Fight. She Completely Dominates Him and Finish Him With Ground And Pound

Girlfriend Vs Boyfriend Wrestling

Girlfriend vs Boyfriend wrestling she puts him in headscissors multiple times. Good competitive mixed wrestling match

Leg Scissors

Leg Scissors – Different Kind of Scissors where a girl has scissored another guy’s leg and not letting him move at all.

Hot Girl Chokes Out A Guy 2

Hot Girl Chokes Out A Cocky Guy who was claiming to have 20 amateur MMA Fights. Then Treats him like a baby.

Army Girl taps out a guy

Army Girl taps out a guy in a friendly Jiujitsu Match. Guy underestimated girls strength and technique, she beat him in both departments.

Man Vs Woman Street Fight 2

Man Vs Woman Street Fight – Man was threatening to break a woman’s car she got behind him puts him in a rear naked choke and chokes him out.

Girl Taps Out A Guy 5

A guy challenged a hot girl at a party. She taps him out fairly quickly and slaps him ass while getting up.
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