Female street fight beatdown

Girl fights a girl way bigger then her in a street fight and gets completely destroyed. She got beat up so bad that she didn’t want another round.

One sided girl fight beatdown

Two girls fight to settle a beef between them. One of them beat the shit out of the other one and makes her quit. She sits on top of her and humiliates her while asking “are you done?”.

Hot Girl Beatdown

Hot Girl Beat Up other girl for talking shit. Other girl took the beatdown but didn’t let her phone go.

Girl fight Headscissors

Two Girls Fighting. One traps another one between headscissors for a brief period

Girl Fight Knockout 3

Brutal knockout in a girl fight. Girl picked a fight with wrong opponent who completely destroys her.

One sided girl fight 4

Girl fight turned into one sided domination. Strong girl sits on weak girls face.

GirlFight Beatdown 6

Girl messed with a wrong girl and got well deserved beatdown. One of the best fight domination.

Girl Fight BeatDown 5

Poor girl started fight with a wrong girl in class. She got her well deserved beatdown.

Girl Fight Beatdown 4

A girl picked up a fight with a wrong girl after school. She got her well deserved beatdown.

Girl Fight Domination

Girl fight turned into total domination. Girl traps one girl between her legs and forced her to apologize.
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