Blonde slams the other girl in a street fight

Brunette challenges a blonde to a fight and completely gets slammed and destroyed. One sided street fight girls

Facesitting in Girl Fight – Girl spit on another girl in a street fight

Two girl fight to settle their beef while one facesittingĀ  another one and beat the shit out of her, And to humiliate her further, she spit on her face

Girl left other girl leaking in a street fight

Girl beat up another girl in a street fight and left her leaking. Loser was not ready to take her L. But she was all bloodied up.

Girls Fight over a guy

Two girls fight over a guy. one in the car was hitting on the boyfriend of black top. When she pulled up she didnt want to fight anymore

Smacked her with a textbook and then beat her down

Girl smacks other girl with a textbook and then beat her down

Facesitting Fight – One sided girl fight humiliation

Facesitting Fight – Two girls fight to settle a beef while one completely dominates the other. Also, throws some humiliation towards the other girl

One Punch KO in girl fight

Two girls gather to settle a beef. One girl lands a punch from hell and knocks the other girl to the ground with so much ease.

Girl Delivers brutal beatdown in classroom

Latina fights a black girl in the classroom and completely destroys her. Delivers one of the most brutal beatdowns.

Brutal Beatdown in a girl fight

Girl didn’t help her friend when she was getting jumped and got brutal beatdown delivered to her.

Girl Fight Beatdown

Two girls fight in school. one girl delivers a beatdown.
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