Headscissors Compilation – Wrestling Dommes

This is compilation of headscissors in Jiujitsu , MMA and other professional fights. This shows how strong our legs are.

Headscissors Tap Out 3

Girlfriend tap out her boyfriend with headscissors after a hard fought competitive mixed wrestling match. They switch between fighting on the couch and ground but he came out the winner.

Standing Headscissors

Girl put a guy in standing headscissors. His face was purple but she had to let go because of her phone

Girlfriend Vs Boyfriend Wrestling

Girlfriend vs Boyfriend wrestling she puts him in headscissors multiple times. Good competitive mixed wrestling match

Girl fight Headscissors

Two Girls Fighting. One traps another one between headscissors for a brief period

Brutal Headscissors

Honey put this guy in brutal headscissors and he almost passed out. The owner of the video is Philly Fendom

Grappling Headscissors

Girl traps another girl between headscissors and later tap her out to RNC

Headscissors Beatdown

Fat girl starts a fight with skinny girl who traps her between her legs and delivers beatdown.

Girlfriend Headscissors

Girlfriend asks boyfriend to escape while she t Squeeze his head.

Reverse Headscissors 2

Reverse Headscissors on a selfie Camera. She has such nice glutes.
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