Girl beat up a teammate after she challenged her to a fight

Girl Beat Up A Teammate after she talked shit about her. She was getting slapped around in the parking lot. One of the best Girl fight beatdowns I have seen.

Girl Fight Domination 2

Two girls fight and one made the other one cry. Fight was close at start but got completely one sided at the end

Girl Fight Knockout 3

Brutal knockout in a girl fight. Girl picked a fight with wrong opponent who completely destroys her.

One sided girl fight 4

Girl fight turned into one sided domination. Strong girl sits on weak girls face.

GirlFight Beatdown 6

Girl messed with a wrong girl and got well deserved beatdown. One of the best fight domination.

Girl Fight Humiliation 2

Girl gets mounted in a fight and got her ass beat. She has to deal with the humiliation.

Girl Fight Humiliation

Girl face complete humiliation in front of her school. She realized that she took a wrong fight.

One Sided Girl Fight 3

Girl messed with a wrong girl in a fight. She got most one sided beatdown of all time.

One Sided Beatdown 3

Dominant girl confronts her snitching friend and slaps her friend too. Girl got one sided beatdown.

One Sided Girl Fight 2

Girl got completely dominated in one sided fight. She learned a lesson for talking shit.
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